Because you asked for an update!

Hi all,

This post is just to let you know that we hear you! Some of you have asked for an update to this site, so here it is!

We’ve decided on a couple of colours of invitation card: a red and a white. The majority of them will be red, because it looks better with the 囍 (the Chinese word “xi” or happiness) on the front instead of “Wedding Invitation” which is just so blah. And being so rooted in the Chinese culture (yeah. right. maybe lishya.) we’ve decided to go with the chinesey version.

Ok, what else… we’ve also trying to get our wedding songs, though we haven’t really thought about the theme… anyway, here’s a couple of bonus pictures from the recent Mandarin Oriental Wedding Fair we went to (where we got some free food-tasting!):

Finally a big thank you for all those who have responded positively to our pre-wedding-invitation invitation. We will see you there (unless donn does the smart thing and runs away).


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