About Donn Lee

My name is Donn (yes, that's with a double "n", please). I work and play(!) at the intersection of business and information technology, constantly looking for ways to make full use of IT (i.e. Information AND Technology) in all aspects of business and life, whether it be Gmail Calendar hacking for personal productivity or Excel wizardry for financial modelling. Business and IT are too intertwined in my mind to think about separately. I'm a huge fan of running, especially running through unexplored territories -- my motto for travel is: if I haven't run there, I haven't been there. I read and write extensively too (see more of what I write on edonn.com). My reading list's mostly non-fiction (business titles, social science titles, Richard Dawkins, science, and more), but you'll occasionally see the odd fiction piece creeping its way in (Kazuo Ishiguro, Richard Yates, short story anthologies). My taste in music is varied. Radiohead, Fleet Foxes, many other indie performers (Bon Iver and Jens Lekman spring to mind) the occasional classical (Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition" just popped up). But let's not get carried away with the high brow. I listen to Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, and the various X-Factor contestants as much as the next guy. Now, what else do I do? Yes, I'm a fan of fitness. Currently working on a "muscle up" -- the pull-up that goes straight into push-up on the pull-up bar. And the flag (this one's a little less likely in the near future) where you hold yourself perpendicular to a vertical pole, like a pull-up only that you're parallel to the ground. Wicked. (Oh, and parkour. Love it.) I cook quite a bit too. Did a lot of it while living overseas (Perth) for a couple of years during University. Used peanut butter for just about every dish (curry, bread, "springroll skins"). Added ginger to rice. Coconut milk. Followed recipes. Didn't follow recipes. Everything. Back in Singapore cooked food's so cheap I hardly cook any more. But each time I do it's always fun. Look me up on Google+ (just search for "Donn Lee Singapore Google Plus" or something). Follow me. Read my blog: edonn.com. Would love to hear from you.

Solemnisation “tickets”

Happy 2012 everybody! We’ve just finished doing up our solemnisation “tickets”, which will be included within our wedding invitation cards for a lucky number of you. The face value of each of these VIP tickets is a hefty S$20,120,219.00, which is not redeemable for cash (not that you’d want to anyway, right?) 😀

The solemnisation will be held at Mandarin Oriental as well, on the 19th of February 2012 at 11:00 AM, which is about an hour and half before our wedding banquet. You’ll want to go to the room on the fifth floor (“level 5”) called “Harbour View 3″.

“Private Dinner” @ Mandarin Oriental

Last Saturday we went down to Mandarin Oriental to do our banquet taste testing, and it was great! I especially liked how it made it was made such that it looked as if we actually paid for a “Private Dinner” (just see the private dinner message they placed outside the room we had the taste testing in).

Malaysia Banquet

We are now semi-man-and-wife! Our Malaysia banquet has come and gone, and a very enjoyable one it was. It was the second time our parents have met at Batu Pahat, and I think they got along well enough despite the language barrier (thank goodness for the similarities between Teochew and Hokkien).

Generally no major hiccups, and though our dinner started slightly later than scheduled, it’d beat most experienced wedding dinner participant’s expectations. 🙂

(We’re now just slightly over two months away before our Singapore banquet and getting legally married!)

Printing of the Wedding Cards

Last Saturday we went down to the printers to get our cards done up. Were a little disappointed that they didn’t have as many customisation options as we’d expected, but it’d do. With this done, though, it’s a load off of our minds.

Our Malaysia banquet will be on this Saturday, held in ah hei’s kampung at Batu Pahat. Soon we’ll be semi-man-and-wife. 🙂

Our Anniversary Dinner At Jurong Hilltop Japanese Restaurant

We had our dinner @ the Jurong Hilltop Japanese Restaurant today (a little expensive, but very good service). Didn’t take any photos of the food as we were too busy eating! After dinner we exchanged our anniversary gifts: a silicone Samsung Galaxy SII case for Him and a Steve Jobs book for Her.