“Private Dinner” @ Mandarin Oriental

Last Saturday we went down to Mandarin Oriental to do our banquet taste testing, and it was great! I especially liked how it made it was made such that it looked as if we actually paid for a “Private Dinner” (just see the private dinner message they placed outside the room we had the taste testing in).


Malaysia Banquet

We are now semi-man-and-wife! Our Malaysia banquet has come and gone, and a very enjoyable one it was. It was the second time our parents have met at Batu Pahat, and I think they got along well enough despite the language barrier (thank goodness for the similarities between Teochew and Hokkien).

Generally no major hiccups, and though our dinner started slightly later than scheduled, it’d beat most experienced wedding dinner participant’s expectations. 🙂

(We’re now just slightly over two months away before our Singapore banquet and getting legally married!)

Printing of the Wedding Cards

Last Saturday we went down to the printers to get our cards done up. Were a little disappointed that they didn’t have as many customisation options as we’d expected, but it’d do. With this done, though, it’s a load off of our minds.

Our Malaysia banquet will be on this Saturday, held in ah hei’s kampung at Batu Pahat. Soon we’ll be semi-man-and-wife. 🙂

RSVP Invitation

Hi everyone! You should have received our invitations by now if you’re here are our wedding blog! We’ve attached the full-size “TIME” magazine cover below if you want to see it 🙂

Here are the details of our wedding banquet lunch:

  • Venue: Mandarin Oriental (located next to Marina Square)
  • Date: 19 February 2012, Sunday
  • Time: About 12:45 PM
Donn & LiShya TIME Wedding Invitation

Donn & LiShya "Time Magazine" Wedding Invitation